Tours After Dark

Night time tours are an incredible way to experience the rain forest.  Whether we explore by canoe on the river or on foot on the Curassow Lodge trail system you’ll have the opportunity to see a variety of nocturnal wildlife.

Night Time Excursions

On the river you will venture out under a star-filled sky to explore the Yanayacu River. Edging slowly along in your boat, your guide will point out a variety of nocturnal wildlife including the fabled Cayman, a member of the alligator family. Using a spotlight your guide will light up the night, and when possible, catch small caymans with his hands for you to see and hold up close.

This excursion is quite safe and allows you to relax in the coolness of the evening, soaking in the exotic beauty of the jungle. The breeze from the river will refresh you from the day and the wildlife will dazzle your imagination.