The Lodge


Curassow Amazon Lodge

With the generosity of our patrons and financial donors we’ve been able to complete three water treatment systems in the surrounding villages.

Community Development

Our community development program has brought clean water to the villages of Ayacucho, Nuevo Junin and San Juan Del Yanayacu.
A large part of our mission in Peru, through our nonprofit partner The Abandon Project, is to help bring positive and healthy change to rural jungle communities by reinvesting back into the communities around our lodge.
Curassow Lodge is committed to providing local communities in our area with basic medicines, emergency transportation, water treatment system projects, and financial aid.
During your visit to Curassow Lodge you will be able to visit local villages. If you would like to bring along items to donate such as toothbrushes, OTC medicines, scholastic items, books, tools, etc. we appreciate and welcome your giving spirit.

Environmental Responsibility

As an environmentally friendly and responsible adventure company, we are committed to helping conserve and protect the natural resources of the area. More than 70% of our lodge, bungalows and buildings is built from repurposed wood and renewable resources from the forest such as palm thatch and other material. Adding to the ambiance and authenticity of the jungle experience, our lodge does not have electricity. The facility and bungalows are illuminated at night by the soft light of oil lamps.
- The bathrooms and kitchen drain to septic tanks for treatment.
- We separate organic waste in trash for use as fertilizer.
- Plastics, batteries and paper are carried to the recycling center in Iquitos.
- To wash our linens (towels and sheets) we use biodegradable detergent.