Medicinal Plants Tour – Medicinal Plants of The Amazon


For the aspiring botanist or simply a curious observer, the Amazon has thousands of amazing flowers and plant life.

We Love Plants

The Amazon region is home to tens of thousands of amazing plant species, many of which are the source of modern medicines and local remedies. Medicinal plants of the Amazon are one of the world’s most valuable assets and our experienced guides will introduce you to both indigenous remedies and plants currently being used in modern medicine during your time at Curassow Lodge.

Medicinal plants of the Amazon and Plant exploration excursions are an interactive experience where you and your guide will discover the diversity of rain forest plant life. You’ll see the source of Curare, the chemical compound that makes modern anesthetics in surgery possible. Learn about “dragon’s blood”, a sap from a tree that when applied to the skin forms a protective layer like a natural Band-Aid. Not only are medicinal plants of the Amazon explorations educational, you’ll be able to take amazing photos to chronicle your time in the gorgeous Amazon rain forest.

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