The Lodge


Curassow Amazon Lodge

Curassow Amazon Lodge is located 140km (87 miles) upriver, south of the city of Iquitos on the banks of the Yanayacu (Black Water in Quechua) River – Named for its dark waters.

Our Strategic Location

Curassow Amazon Lodge is adjacent to the buffer zone of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, a protected area of Amazon floodplain (the largest in South America with 2,080,000 hectares), and one of the jewels of the Peruvian Amazon.
Curassow Amazon lodge is also situated within the Regional Conservation Area Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo (more than 420,080 hectares) that has high levels of biodiversity. Research has found the area around our Amazon lodge to be one of the largest varieties of plants, amphibians, reptiles and birds of the world.To reach the lodge we take the route to Nauta, a city south of Iquitos 2 hours by paved road. From our private dock take a speedboat an hour and a half south on the Amazon River. Depending on the season we also leave directly from the port in Iquitos, Peru arriving at Curassow Amazon Lodge after three and a half hours.
We build out Curassow Lodge far from the city for a reason – The wildlife. Due to its remoteness it is easy to see a wide variety of bird species, monkeys, sloths, dolphins, fish, amphibians and reptiles in their natural habitat. Another advantage of our location on “Rio Yanayacu”, is the silence. An isolated tributary of the Amazon where there are no fishing vessels or tourists, allowing the traveler to connect with nature in an intimate and safe way.