Iquitos is considered the largest main city that has not land connection in the world. There are two ways to get this amazing city and Curassow Amazon Lodge provides all the necessary information:


By air

Iquitos is 1:40 hours from Lima. It has around 8 flights daily to Lima as well as one daily flight to Tarapoto and Pucallpa (by Star Perú). Airlines from/to Iquitos are:


  • Lan Perú (T. (+51 1) 213-8200 (24 hours) |,
  • Peruvian Airlines (T. (+51 1) 716-6000 (24 hours) | Iquitos: (+51 65) 23-1074 y 23-2673 |, y
  • Star Perú (T. (+51 1) 705-9000 (24 hours) | Iquitos: (+51 65) 23-6208 |


Check fares and promotions for non-Peruvians and penalties for changing flight dates with all the airlines. Book in advance when possible.


By land and river

Regarding river access, Iquitos has motonaves or lanchas (slow boats, cargo and passengers) to Yurimaguas, Pucallpa, Pantoja (border with Ecuador) and Santa Rosa (Tres Fronteras, a tripoint of Perú, Brasil and Colombia). In the case of Tres Fronteras, there are speedboats and flights of the Peruvian Air Force (planes usually land at Caballo Cocha village, 2 hours in speedboat from Santa Rosa). Motonaves (slow boats) are affordable, although not very comfortable and punctual.


There are two frecuent routes to get Iquitos from the coastal line or Lima:


  • ROUTE 1 – Land: Lima – Chiclayo – Tarapoto – Yurimaguas (around 18 h). River: Yurimaguas – Iquitos (3 days aprox.).
  • ROUTE 2 – Land: Lima – Pucallpa (around 20 h). River: Pucallpa – Iquitos (4-5 days aprox.).


Also, from Iquitos is possible to reach the mouth of the Amazon River in the Brazilian Atlantic Ocean:


  1. Iquitos – Santa Rosa (Slow boat: 3 days. Speedboat: 10 h. Hydroplane: 1 h to Caballo Cocha and next 2 h by speedboat).
  2. Santa Rosa – Tabatinga/Leticia (“peke peke” boat: 10 min).
  3. Tabatinga – Manaos (Slow boat: 4 days. Speedboat: 36 h. Plane: 2 h).
  4. Manaos – Belém (Slow boat: 4-5 days. Plane: 2 h).


The slow boats’ tickets have to be purchased the day of travel, usually in the port. In the case of speedboats and Peruvian hydroplanes, tickets have to be purchased 1 day before in their offices in the city.

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