Full Day: Herons of the Amazon

Visit the Environmental Conservation Area El Garzal, a heron rookery surrounded by a magnificent nature landscape near Iquitos. It is possible to see monkeys, the prehistoric appearing hoatzin (Opisthocomus Hoazín), reptiles and insects in this area. Between June and October various Amazon and migratory species of herons nest here.

Garzal de Fatima, Iquitos, Peru, Amazon River Expeditions Tours


6:00. Departure from Iquitos by boat navigating on the Amazon river. Breakfast on the river.

6:30. Arrival at the riparian community Santa María de Fátima where we meet the local guide of the community. Walk of approximately 15 minutes to the entrance of the Environmental Conservation Area (ACA) and from there 1 hour more to the camping site.

On the camping site typical long houses offer you a place to rest for a couple of minutes and rehydrate.

On the way you will find useful plants of the jungle and you will have the possibility to observe species of birds, primates, reptiles and insects such as dragonflies and colorful butterflies. Furthermore you will see the “Ceiba” (Ceiba samauma), one of the giant trees of the Amazon region.
The passenger can swing from one of the strong lianas which hang from this mighty tree.

Visit to the lookout in order to observe the swamp and impressive surrounding natural landscape.

After observing herons from the lookout, a canoe will be taken to cross the swamp to the observation platforms. The stay on the platforms will be of 1 or 2 hours, depending on the traveler. Herons usually nest here between June and October.

11:00. Arrival at the community to board the boat back to Iquitos.

11:45. Navigation on the Meeting of the Waters of the Amazon and Nanay river.

13:00. Return to Iquitos.

OPTIONAL (Without additional charge): Visiting Fundo Pedrito. Return at around 3pm.