Birding Peru – Amazon Birding Tours

The Amazon River basin is home to over 1,200 species of birds, and our location on the Yanayacu River is known for it’s large and varied bird populations.

Thinking about birding Peru? Look no further than Curassow Lodge, we’ve catalogued hundreds of bird species on our rain forest trail system and around the lodge itself.

Birding in the Amazon is a once in a lifetime experience that will certainly give you a chance to spot a few feathered friends that you’ve been waiting to cross off your list!

Whether you’re looking to spot a charm of hummingbirds or a cast of hawks, the Amazon rain forest is a must explore region of the world for birding enthusiasts. The Amazon rain forest boasts one third of the world’s bird population. From toucans, parrots and macaws, to the hoatzin, oropendula and jacana, the Peruvian Amazon has it all.

Our rain forest guides will navigate you silently up river tributaries and forest trails to see up-close the amazing wealth of birds that call the Amazon home.

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