Iquitos is a historic city surrounded for the Amazon rainforest and many riverine villages, and has many nearby attractions that are relatively easy to visit independently in only 2 or 3 days, places where you may see jungle landscapes, representative flora and wildlife, as well as navigate along the Amazon river and some of its branches. Returning to Iquitos approximately 5 PM.


Between Tuesday and Sunday, starting from the Emperador Terraza Hotel Iquitos or the Plaza de Armas/Main Square (downtown) at 8 AM, you may head to the Belen Market to observe Amazon meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. Then, go for a walk to the Pasaje Paquito, a small street located some steps from the main house of the market, full of traditional medicine. Remember visit Belen and Paquito before 1 PM, with some caution to avoid pickpockets (they take off a run away, without any aggression). From Belén or the Iquitos downtown take a mototaxi (S/. 12 Soles, 45 min) to the Manatees Rescue Center (Carretera Iquitos-Nauta km 2.5, entry rate: S/. 3 Soles per person), to observe and feed the Amazon Manatee (Trichechus inunguis).


After, visit the Quistococha Complex, 2 km away from the Manatee Rescue Center, Entry rate S/. 9 Soles per person). This place have the only Zoo in Iquitos, with around 70 species among primates, felines, birds, fish, etc. It also has restaurants and a beautiful lagoon and a beach where it is possible to swim.To end the day, on the way back to the city, is located the Handicraft Market of San Juan (Quiñones Avenue, km 4, opposite the Plaza Roja). A mototaxi from Quistococha should charge about S /. 5-6 Soles. From the Handicraft Market to downtown, the mototaxi charges S/. 4 Soles (15 min). At the next day, beginning from the downtown (Plaza de Armas or the hotel), take a mototaxi for S/. 4 Soles to Bellavista Nanay, a small market and dock serving both private and bus boats (shared boats or “botes colectivo” in Spanish) along rivers Nanay, Momón and Amazon. After see and maybe try some local dishes, take a shared boat (S/. 3 Soles per person, around 20 min) to Padrecocha village, Nanay river.


From this village, take a mototaxi (S/. 4-5 Soles) or walk for 20 min to Pilpintuwasi, Butterfly Farm and Wildlife Rescue Center (entry rate: S/. 20 Soles, 50% discount with a student card). Pilpintuwasi hosts many species of monkeys, a jaguar, a capybara and around 20 butterfly species, in all its life cicle. Besides wildlife, you can observe beautiful local plants and flowers.After the butterfly farm, rent mototaxi (S/.6-8 Soles round trip, finishing on Padrecocha village) to visit the bora tribe (we suggest the third Bora’s village, led by the chief Mr. Rafael Flores). The entry rate is S/. 20 Soles per person. The Bora shows their traditional dances and offers their handicrafts. Back in Iquitos, in Bellavista Nanay, take a shared boat (S/. 3 Soles, 30 min) along the Amazon river to Barrio Florido village.


Shortly after sailing, you will be on the meeting of the waters of the Nanay river (black) and the Amazon (brown), an small example of the actual and breathtaking Meeting of the Waters located close to Nauta city, where the Amazon river takes its name. In Barrio Florido village is located a small farm named Fundo Pedrito (entry rate: S/. 5 Soles per person). Inside this place it is possible to observe and feed spectacled alligators (Caiman crocodilus), paiches (Arapaima gigas), the largest fresh water fish, and piranhas (Pygocentrus nattereri). Also, it is possible to see the Victoria amazonica or Victoria regia, the world’s largest water lily.


Do not forget, visit the four museums located from 3 to 8 blocks away the Plaza de Armas (Main Square), opened from 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Saturday.

Also, you may hire a tour or a jungle lodge in the jungle or inside the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve (it is required a minimum of 3 days / 2 nights to visit the Reserve).Emperador Terraza wishes you take advantage of your time a budget in Iquitos, for that reason we ease you free tourist information. Moreover, 2 blocks from the accommodation is located the Official Tourism Information Board, named iPerú (run by PromPerú), at the 161 Napo street, 50 m (162 ft) from the Plaza de Armas. iPeru works from Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM, Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM. Tel: (+51 65) 236144 & 260251., They have English and French speaking folks with impartial and free information on Iquitos and Peru, as well as listings of registered tourist companies.