Amazon Sport Fishing

Fishing the Amazon region for peacock bass and other exotic fish species has become a very popular activity for avid anglers in the past few years.

Peru is a great place to consider for these fish and Curassow Lodge offers trip packages design specifically for adventurous anglers. On our fishing tours we target Peacock Bass, Aruana, Pacu and Piranha.

Species Overview

The predominant peacock bass species we have in Peru are the Cichla Ocellaris known as the “Butterfly Peacock Bass”. The butterfly peacock bass typically grow to around 12 pounds and are not as large as its big brother, the Cichla Temensis that are a popular fishing targets in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

Season Schedule

Summer time is the best time to fish for peacock bass in Peru. We offer our Adventure Angler program from July through November each year. These are the driest months in the Amazon and are idea for fishing. During the remaining months of the year the rivers and lakes are flooded causing most fish species to venture into the flooded rainforest and leave the isolation of the rivers and lakes.

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