Amazon Jungle Tours

Just outside your bungalow, the Amazon rainforest awaits. Rainforest hiking is one of our most popular excursions, with something for each adventurer to see and do.

Amazon Rainforest Tours

Amazon jungle tours is what we do! ¬†On our trail systems, you will encounter a variety of exotic wildlife including Macaws, Sloths, Tamarinds, the Red Amazon Squirrel and more. Seeing the mighty Ceiba tree is just one of many amazing things you’ll get to see and experience on one of our Amazon jungle tours. Growing close to 100 feet tall, some Ceiba trees also reach over 30 feet in diameter nearly rivaling the giant redwood trees of the United States.

Jungle Camping

Overnight camping trips in the rain forest offer another way to experience the jungle firsthand. The forest comes alive at night, revealing a different perspective on the beauty hidden by the daytime sun. After hiking to suitable camping location, your guide will setup camp and prepare a meal over an open fire. Overnight camping trips are offered at no extra cost.

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