Amazon Boating Tours

Canoeing & Boating is one of the most exciting excursions we offer. Navigating along the tributaries or oxbow lakes, you’ll be amazed at how the jungle comes to life right before your eyes.

Our Amazon boating tours & canoeing excursions take you up small river tributaries where monkeys can be seen leaping through the canopy. Just around the next bend, you may sight a sloth slowly crawling up a tall cecropia tree looking for his next meal.

Exploring the many Oxbow lakes is another canoeing adventure where you can see the Giant Amazon Water Lily, fish for exotic species like the infamous Piranha, and see a host of birds such as the hoatzin and jacana.

During the high water season (January-May) the rain forest is flooded and what were once walking trails now become avenues for canoeing through the forest. Exploring the flooded forest by canoe is a unique and educational experience for both adults and children alike.