The Lodge


Curassow Amazon Lodge

The Amazon Expeditions lodge is called “Curassow Amazon Lodge”. The name Curassow comes from the name of a rare bird called the Waddled Curassow.

The Wattled Curassow, a threatened species near extinction has been spotted several times in the area of our lodge and we’ve named our lodge in it’s honor.
Curassow Amazon Lodge is located on the Yanayacu River, a small tributary of the Amazon River, is approximately 50 miles (110Km) south of Iquitos, Perú, the largest city in the Perúvian jungle. Our eco-lodge consists of ten interconnected bungalows, a dining room, a lounge area and the kitchen.

Our Bungalows

Each of our ten jungle bungalows at Curassow Amazon Lodge offers guests the safety and comfort of home without sacrificing the authenticity of the jungle experience. Each bungalow has screened windows and wood panel ceilings that protect against the elements and mosquitoes. With thatched roofs and handcrafted decorations, your living environment is designed to be comfortable and homey, the ideal place to relax after a full day enjoying the jungle.

Bungalow Features:

- Running water.
- Fully modernized bathrooms.
- Refreshing cool water showers.
- Comfortable beds and a variety of bed configurations.
- Closet for storing your belongings.
- Open air veranda with hammocks that overlook the Yanayacu River.