6D/5N: The Vivential Tour

This is one of our longest Amazon tours. During this 6 day / 5 night wildlife observation expedition in the Amazon rainforest, our jungle guides and jungle specialists will take the traveler into healthy jungle areas at the buffer area of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve and the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Communal Reserve. Activities included in this Amazon jungle tour are: rainforest hiking, bird watching excursion (birding), camping in virgin jungle, looking for primates, alligator excursion at night, piranha fishing, visits to lagoons, canoe rides, viewing of river dolphins, both grey and pink, and much more.

Accommodation for this jungle tour will be at the comfortable Curassow Amazon Lodge, with private bungalows with bathroom, shower and 24-hour running water.

Tents in the jungle rainforest during a one of our Amazon tours, far from Iquitos, Amazon river, Peru


Day 1
9.30 Transfer from the airport or hotel to private port in Iquitos city. Navigation 3 1/2 hr along the Amazon River.
Arrive in Curassow Amazon Lodge. Accommodation in private bungalows.
Exploration by boat to observe birds, monkeys and sloths in the wild.
Beautiful sunset in a lake.
Night walk.
Observation of snakes, frogs, nocturnal monkeys, mammals, rodents, etc.

Day 2
Early canoe excursions, for hearing the sound of different bird species.
Exploration by boat and jungle trekking to observe medicinal plants.
Excursion by boat and foot, fishing for piranhas and observation of the hoatzin or shansho (Opisthocomus hoazin) a prehistoric-look bird.
Excursions by boat to observe caiman, nocturnal birds, mammals, etc.

Day 3
Jungle trekking to zone “Casha” to watch animals and water intake of the tree cat’s claw and observe wildlife.
Excursion by boat and canoe to a lake. Observation of animals.
Return by canoe.
Night excursions by canoe to hear the sound of different bird species.

Day 4
Early breakfast.
Expedition observe birds, sloth, monkeys, etc. This includes endangered birds.
Lunch outdoors
Enjoy a full day out the lodge.
Trekking explorations, meet animals and traces of jaguar.
Dinner outdoors
Camping in the middle of the rainforest.

Day 5
Breakfast outdoors.
Return to Curassow Lodge from the camping.
Visit the village San Juan or Ayacucho and have the opportunity to buy handcrafts.
Free Night.

Day 6
Breakfast on the boat.
Swim with the dolphins in the Amazon River.
Observation of iguanas and the Victoria regia water lily, the biggest aquatic plant in the world.
Amazon River Navigation back to Iquitos city.
Transfer from the port to airport or hotel.
18.00 Arrival in Iquitos.

Service Includes:

  • Private transfer from the airport or hotel in Iquitos to the port.
  • Private fast boat down the Amazon River Lodge.
  • Private bungalows with private bathroom and terrace with hammock overlooking the river or the forest.
  • Bilingual guide (English & Spanish).
  • Custom expeditions in small groups.
  • All excursions.
  • All meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner are served (full board).
  • Bottled water.
  • Fruit, coffee, tea, milk 24 hours.
  • Day and evening excursions in search of animals.
  • Printed list of birds that inhabit the area Curassow Lodge.
  • First aid kit and antivenom.
  • Games (Monopoly, Scrabble, chess, etc.) and table football (fulbito hand).
  • Amenities: shampoo, conditioner and soap.
  • Rubber boots for hiking in the jungle.
  • Limited electricity (for recharging batteries of cameras, laptops and other at set times).
  • Optional: Camping in the jungle.
  • Tent, mattresses and all the elements needed in case you want to camp in the jungle.
  • Special rate at Emperador Terraza, a small and central hotel in Iquitos. Based on availability.

Service Does Not Include:

  • Air tickets and airport taxes (however, we can help you organize this trip itinerary planning and buying tickets more suitable to your requirements, contact us).
  • Tips for guides and staff members.
  • Tips for luggage porters.
  • Liquor, beverages and snacks.
  • Travel insurance or health insurance.

What animals are easy to see during our Amazon jungle tours?

Curassow Amazon Lodge’s excursions aimed at observing animals in their natural habitat. We guarantee that traveler will observe wildlife due the lodge and operations are in deep jungle. Easiest animals to observe in our jungle tours are sloths, monkeys species, birds, caimans/alligators, pink and gray river dolphins, piranhas, tarantulas and other spider species, snakes, among other. Also, we will be able to find useful and medicinal plants.